Driveclub details: Install Size Revealed, 3.5GB Download Required to Play

driveclub screenshot 6

We have some new details on PS4 exclusive Driveclub which was revealed by Evolution Studios’ boss Paul Rustchynsky on Twitter.

The game will take up 17GB of space on your PS4 hard drive and you need to download 3.5GB to begin playing. The game will download the rest in the background.

“To actually start playing #DRIVECLUB you only need to download the first ~3.5GB, so you can play whilst the rest downloads in the background,” he tweeted.

Now, 3.5GB isn’t a lot and can be done in a few hours, which makes the digital version quite attractive.

The iOS and Android app will be released near the release date which is on October 8th. You can create clubs and other stuff using the app.

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