Driveclub car list revealed

driveclub screenshot 6

Paul Rustchynsky, the director of Driveclub, has revealed that game’s car list on Twitter. The cars are divided into sports, performance, super, hyper and more.

The game will be released on October 8th exclusively for the PS4. Driveclub was originally announced at the PS4 reveal event back in 2013, and has faced a few delays as well.

The looks stunning visually and will be one of the most gorgeous looking games on the PS4 once it comes out.

There are a bunch of extremely well detailed cars in the game. We also have 30 minutes of game’s beta footage which shows the graphics in all its glory.

Check out the car list below.

driveclub car list

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  • guest931

    The calm before the storm…

  • shijitzu

    I think its embarassingly small and lacking of many many key cars. And considering you cant customize a thing on any of them….well quite honestly – it sucks. Ps4 has been dissapointing to say the least and looking at forza horizon 2 on xbox one – goodbye ps4, its xbox one time for me.