Dragon’s Crown Art Style Gets Blasted by Gearbox Software Artist

Dragon’s Crown is certainly embroiled in a lot of events that are proving to be unfavorable to the game.

Most recent is Gearbox Software’s environmental artist, Shaylyn Hamm, who took to the Escapist Forums to give her opinion on the game’s art style. She definitely doesn’t look fond of it though and argues that it shows why the gaming industry is generally considered as a male hobby.

“I wanted to come in here and say something, but then you said basically what I wanted to say but way better,” he wrote on the forum.

“I want to see more women getting interested in games and game development, but stuff like this only serves to further cement the idea that you’re stepping into a male hobby rather than something that is more inclusive.”

She then proceeds to say some mean things which could be termed as unprofessional but people are entitled to their opinion, aren’t they? At least they can be a bit respectful.

The designer of Dragon’s Crown had earlier apologized to people who were offended by the game’s artstyle, but he also says that it probably won’t affect his future design choices.

Here’s a video of the Sorceress class, for example, which shows why some people are offended.

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