Dragon Ball Super: Will Jiren Win The Tournament of Power?

It is looking very likely that Jiren will win the Tournament of Power as he had no trouble fighting four strong warriors from Universe 7 in episode 127.

He easily took on Vegeta’s ultra blue, Goku’s Kaioken blue, 17’s awesomeness, and Golden Frieza with no problems whatsoever.

Jiren is beyond the level of a god of destruction, as mentioned by Whis. Is he on the level of an angel then? We can’t say for sure.

Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct could be on the level of an angel and may make him equal to Jiren.

However, we do not know if Goku has the stamina to take on Jiren with his mastered Ultra Instinct. We saw in episode 110 that Jiren had no problems fighting with Goku and his new form.

17 has been eliminated and Vegeta will get eliminated in episode 128 so that leaves just Goku and Jiren, maybe Frieza too but he poses no threat as of now.

Jiren is not a bad guy and we can only hope that he wishes back all the Universes using the Super Dragon Balls. For now, it is looking pretty clear that Jiren will win the ToP.

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