Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Surpasses The Gods in Episode 126?

We have a juicy new info on the tournament of power which has almost reached its conclusion. There are only Universe 11 and Universe 7 left and they are undoubtedly the strongest fighters in the tournament.

We recently reported on the titles of the upcoming episodes from 123, 124 and 125 but now we have the title for 126 as well.

The title is called: “Power that is even greater than the Gods. Vegeta’s life-risking blow.”

This probably means one thing. Vegeta is going to unleash all his energy in order to beat Jiren. It is already clear that he is going to get a new form in episode 123 and we also see glimpses of his new form in the new ending song.

The image of Vegeta’s new form can be seen above. He has ultra instinct like eyes and his hair is a lot more colourful than before.

The titles for the previous episodes can be found here.

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