Dragon Ball Super: Titles for Episodes 120, 121 and 122 and Staff Revealed

We have the next batch of titles and staff list for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The tournament is nearing its end and we are in the climax of the arc.

The last episode we saw Universe 2 and Universe 6 were erased after putting up a brave fight against the father-son combo of Goku and Gohan. We know the title of episode 119 and it’s clear that Universe 7 will lose a member. It seems it will be Piccolo will go in 120 after Android 18 from the description we have of upcoming episodes.

Things are getting pretty exciting in Dragon Ball Super as we will only have 3 Universes left after 120.

Episode 119: A new victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 gets serious!!!

Looks like Android 18 will probably be gone in this week’s episode.

Episode 120: A perfect survival strategy! Universe 3’s menacing assassins!!

Piccolo goes in this episode. Two insects from Universe 4 Gamisaras and Damon are eliminated as well and Zeno erases Universe 4.

Episode 121: All out war! The ultimate 4-way combination vs Universe 7’s all-out attack!!

The robots of Universe 3 merge and take on Universe 7

There will be no episode on December 31.

Episode 122: Staking his pride! Vegeta challenges the strongest!!

Here’s the staff list:

This was the titles for the previous set of episodes. Hopefully, all these fighters will eventually be added Fighter Z game or the eventual Xenoverse 3.

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