Dragon Ball Super: New Ep 129 Preview Up, Shows A Lot More

Toei has released a new preview for episode 129 of Dragon Ball Super doubling the preview shown after the end of episode 128. The preview is one minute long and shows a lot more scenes and certainly does hype up people for the next episode.

The new form that Goku will attain called Super Saiyan Silver or Mastered Ultra Instinct was not shown although teased. We will see the form clearly in the next episode or if they show us the pictures of the new form.

The new preview was certainly well received considering there was a break last week and fans were really hungry for more material.

There’s a translation as well and you can find that out on Herms98’s Twitter account.

The fight is dubbed as the strongest vs the strongest and without a doubt, it will be one crazy fight we hope. Check out the preview below and let us know what you think about it.