Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser: A Saiyan Has No Limits

Toei Animation has finally revealed a small but awesome teaser of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie and it is phenomenal.

It looks quite different than the Super anime and feels much better animated. The movie will be released worldwide in December 2018.

We do not know the contents of the movie yet but it expand on the Saiyan lore and maybe even showcase the original super saiyan Yamoshi. In fact, in the teaser it could be Yamoshi but we aren’t sure.

The teaser says “Saiyans have no limits” and the “Earth has Goku”.

The upcoming movie and show will most likely revolve around being the strongest fighter. That is also depended on the end of Super and what wish the winner makes. Dragon Ball Super episode 130 had an awesome surprise.

You can check out the teaser below. Hopefully a much bigger trailer will be shown soon.