Dragon Ball Super: Mastered Ultra Instinct To Have Silver Hair As Well

Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is incomplete as we know but in the upcoming episodes that he will master the form. It has also been revealed that Toriyama’s final design of Ultra Instinct Goku will be shown in the latest V-Jump magazine.

It was also spoiled in Dragon Ball Heroes. The form originally was called “Omen” which means a sign of things to come and it was incomplete.

Goku will be fighting Jiren who is stronger than a god of destruction and it will be difficult for him to take him on with the partial Ultra Instinct form.

It is confirmed that Goku will be getting Ultra Instinct in episode 128 and the title of episode 129 is “Mastering Ultra Instinct”, I guess that’s when we get to see the Silver hair.

As you can see in the Dragon Ball Heroes image below, Goku has silver hair. This is likely Toriyama’s final Mastered Ultra Instinct design.

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