Dragon Ball Super: It’s Gonna Be Mastered UI Goku vs Jiren

It’s official, Goku will get the mastered Ultra Instinct form in episode 129, but will it be enough to defeat Jiren who is absolutely invincible right now and has incredible power?

We got to see the backstory for Jiren in episode 128 and why he was seeking to become stronger. However, the writers did not try to make people sorry for Jiren as he displayed some arrogance after that flashback.

Jiren defeated Golden Frieza with just his glare and has eliminated Android 17. Vegeta will most likely be eliminated in episode 128 so that leaves Goku to defend Universe 7 from erasure.

We know the titles of the next episodes have arrived and they say that Goku will achieve mastered ultra instinct. It might have a different aura but one thing is certain that he will be able to control his attack as well.

It’s not clear if Frieza will play a role here since he keeps getting destroyed but if he gets his wish then things will get real interesting.

For now, we will get to watch Goku vs Jiren slug it out for their Universe’s survival.