Dragon Ball Super: First Glimpse of Goku’s Silver Hair

It has been revealed in the episode 129 preview of Dragon Ball Super that Goku will be getting a new makeover and his hair will become silver. The form he had been using now was just a partial transformation called Ultra Instinct. The new form would be called Mastered Ultra instinct.

The preview doesn’t show silver hair but white which suggests it’s captured when it was being transformed. That’s a good way to tease fans to watch the upcoming episode which promises to be incredible.

However, we have a glimpse of the new form thanks to an image which you can see below. Hopefully, we will get more images soon as the episode day nears.

There are a few episodes to go before the show comes to an end. There’s going to be no episode this week due to a marathon in Japan, and there’s going to be another break the week after the episode airs next week.

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