Dragon Ball Super: Episode 130 Throws Out A Massive Surprise

It looks like Dragon Ball Super creators had something special in store for the fans for episode 130 which was airing after a week’s break.

The episode focused on Goku vs Jiren with the former in his Ultra Instinct form which even the gods cannot reach. Jiren gets his behind kicked for a few mins and then decides to power up and then starts fighting with Goku on equal terms.

However, as Goku is about to defeat Jiren, his power runs out and he’s about to be thrown off the ring.

But, here comes the twist. Frieza is still alive and is Android 17.

Episode 131 will most likely be Frieza and Android 17 vs Jiren will Goku tries to recuperate again. He has lost his Ultra Instinct form due to the toll on his body.

It was an amazing episode and the writers and animators surely delivered here. Dragon Ball Super will end after episode 131 but it will be back after movie.

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