Dragon Ball Super: Episode 129 Description, Jiren Unleashes Full Power

We have the episode 129 description for Dragon Ball Super which reveals a lot of cool stuff that’s gonna happen in that episode and it closely matches the preview of the episode as well.

Jiren unleashes his full power and punches Goku with all his might as we have seen in the preview. The description also states that Goku raises his battle power before attaining mastered ultra instinct, and it is also said that the form is the ultimate fighting form.

We also get a new fighting form that changes Goku’s hair to silver just like his eyes. His previous ultra instinct form was incomplete.

Jiren also smiles in the episode as he is probably excited to fight someone as strong as him.

We do not know who will win the fight between the two but we think it could be Jiren as Goku could run out of stamina or be betrayed by Frieza.

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