Dragon Ball Super: Episode 125 The Best yet, Hakaishin Toppo

In Episode 125 of Dragon Ball Super we saw a birth of a God of Destruction. Toppo was a candidate for the God of Destruction of Universe 11 and now he has unleashed all his power against the cruelty of Frieza.

The proceeding beatdown that Frieza was given made 125 one of the best episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Toppo looks menacing in his new form and there’s an energy of destruction surrounding his body which destroys anything that touches it.

The ring has also been broken and there are rocks flying around. Android 17 was playing Hide and Seek with Toppo and is surprisingly surviving pretty well so far thanks to his infinite energy and barrier.

Toppo’s overwhelming force might be enough for 17 and Frieza and it could be up to Goku and Vegeta to save Universe 7.

We did not see a lot of battle between Goku, Vegeta and Jiren but he did block a Final Flash using his eyes so that was pretty awesome.

The next episode’s title is “Surpassing even a God! Vegeta’s life risking blow!!”

By god the title probably means Toppo and in the NEP it is shown that Vegeta will be fighting Toppo. You can see the NEP below.

There are six episodes left before Dragon Ball Super ends at the end of March.