Dragon Ball Super Ends In Style, Hinting At A Come Back in 2019

Dragon Ball Super has finally ended and fans should be happy because they ended the anime in style. The last episode showed Universe 7 winning the tournament of power with Android 17 being the last man standing.

Goku and Frieza eliminated Jiren by sacrificing themselves. People had hoped for an ending with a twist with Frieza obtaining the Super Dragon Balls and wishing for something sinister. However, he turned out to be a good guy and was rewarded by Beerus by getting resurrected.

There will be a new movie in December which will continue from where the anime left off. The anime may come back after the movie sometimes in 2019.

When the Zenos asked Goku whether he will come back, Goku promised that he will and that’s how the episode ended. In a way, that’s the creators of the show telling people that Goku and his friends will be back.

You can see the teaser of the movie here which shows Goku and a new opponent.

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