Dragon Ball Super Ends in March, New Kitaro Series To Take Its Place

Well, this is a sad news for Dragon Ball Superfans. This arc Tournament of Power has been absolutely fantastic both animation and art wise and just when you think it is just getting starting, it has been announced that Dragon Ball Super will be ending in March.

The last episode of the series will be 131 in March. We are currently in Episode 123 and this week it will be Episode 124. There are no breaks and Super should go on until the middle of March.

A new Gegege no Kitaro series will be taking its place. It’s not clear if Super will be back ever again as it seems like it is ending for good but you never know as it makes money for Toei Entertainment.

Fans will obviously be pissed at this news as Super was one of the major reasons for looking forward to the weekend and the ending or break will obviously cause some withdrawal effects.

There’s the English dub to look forward to meanwhile and it’ll take a year for it to catch up to the last episode in the series.

Here are the titles of the upcoming episodes. Fighter Z also comes out this month, so Dragon Ball fans can enjoy the video game with characters like Beerus and Hit.

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