Dragon Ball Super Anime May be Back (Season 2)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has sold a lot and has absolutely thrilled the fanbase. It is widely considered the best Dragon Ball movie ever when it comes to animations. Dragon Ball Super, the anime was stopped in March 2018 after a successful arc that saw Goku getting an incredible new form and it also hyped up the fanbase for more Dragon Ball content.

Fans are waiting for the new Dragon Ball Super anime to come out and we finally may have a confirmation from Toei that it is indeed in works. Dragon Ball Super manga is already on overdrive with a new arc and it remains to be seen if the anime when it returns will go back to the Broly retelling or the new manga arc.

They announced new episodes at NAPTE Miami and after that they took that back and released a statement stating: “We can only say this is not true at the moment. We never mentioned or made any announcement about more episodes to Dragon Ball Super.” They said this to IGN.

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