Dragon Ball Super 118 Review: Best Episode of The Series So Far

Dragon Ball Super 118 was one of the best episodes of the series so far with having an equal amount of action and drama. The title of the episode gave the content away but it was well worth waiting for.

We saw two universes being erased by Zenos Universe 6 and Universe 2. While the Dragon Ball Super fandom is not a fan of Universe 2, it was handled pretty well and received a lot of praises. Universe 6’s erasure hit people hard and it was certainly sad to see Champa go that way.

Coming to the acting, Gohan certainly delivered showing what he is capable of. He unleashed some savage moves and became the protector to Piccolo in a switch of roles for them. We also came to learn that the Universe 6 Namekians had fused with their people giving them incredible strength. Gohan and Piccolo combination eventually took them out with a special beam cannon and kamehameha combo.

The episode was well directed and showed two separate fights and wove them together fantastically. The Universe 2 warriors did a transformation that shocked everyone and ended up being even stronger than Ribrianne and other girls.

Eventually Goku overpowered them with his kamehameha as well. We got to see the Androids in action too.

It was a good episode showing a lot of different stuff and the quality of animation was top notch too. In other news, Toriyama explained some things about Saiyans and their powerups.