Dragon Age 3: “We are not afraid” of Dark Souls 2 or The Witcher 3 – BioWare

BioWare it seems has gone on the defensive.

Dragon Age 3 hasn’t received a proper reveal yet, so fans are wondering why they are taking so long to do that. Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher 2 have already been revealed and we know a ton about them.

One fan was being paranoid and posted why EA is being so afraid of revealing details on Dragon Age 3.

Blair Brown from BioWare responded to the post on their forums and said that EA has confidence in the project and are very excited about it.

“It will be sold as “Dragon Age III” not “hey look at us over here, were kinda like those other games” The game is strong enough to stand out,” he wrote, in response to the post that questioned their ability to stand up to aforementioned “giants”.

“We decide when we are ready to reveal information (not EA), which is not yet, we are waiting for the perfect moment to blow everyone away. We are not ‘afraid’.” he added.

Dragon Age 3 was supposed to feature exploration like Skyrim and was delayed to next-gen.

  • No Faith

    Your not afraid of the other games those are bold words from a company that made such a pathetic attempt at a game dragon age 2 is hands down the worst game I have ever played the story was shit the game play was a joke they held the players captivate & refused to let us leave the poorly deigned 1 location in the game recycled the same cave over & over the list of all the things wrong with dragon age 2 is virtually endless it was a waste of everyone’s time & money I loved Dragon age origins it is my favorite game of all time dragon age 2 was just an over hyped lie if you want dragon age 3 to be even remotely enjoyable you get back to the basics of dragon age origins do not put any of that garbage from the 2nd game into the 3rd game but even with that the game will never be as fun as the first the dark spawn the grey wardens & the witch Morrigan those 3 aspects of the game is what made it such a success not this bs false war between Templar’s nobody ever cared about & never will dragon age origins was truly a 1 of a kind game & after seeing that disaster of a game dragon age 2 I have no faith in you you will have to do something truly amazing to win back all the fans you lost after releasing dragon age 2 good luck you will need it

  • Fistfy

    You should be.

    • Sly_Fox

      I am very much looking forward to Dragon Age 3. Dragon Age 2 was very good, not as good as Origins but still good. The only RGP’s worth playing over the past few years were: Dragon Age origins and 2. Mass Effect 1,2 and 3… All the Elder scrolls games, Fallout 3/Vegas and maybe the odd one here and there like Kingdoms of Amalur which surprised me. Really not a lot to choose from so please keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged by some of the idiots in the comments here, I assure you Dragon Age 2 was a lot of fun and certainly worth playing.

  • MAsterdisaster

    hahaha, you really should… games of Bioware are lacked out of style. I will definetly buy a W3… than another shitty game from BW.