Dragon Age 3 footage expected at E3 this year

BioWare will be showing some new trailers at E3 if the Twitter account of Chase Boyajian is to be believed.

Boyajian is working on BioWare and Games Label, divs. of EA, is a Editor, Cinematographer, and Motion Graphic Artist. He tweeted that they have to make 4 videos of Dragon Age 3 before E3.

The game will be shown at EA press conference at E3 this year, and was revealed last year. It’s not clear if it will be a next-gen game, but a delay means that could be possible.

Recently Blair Brown from BioWare had said that their team wasn’t afraid of Dark Souls 2 or The Witcher 3, and they “are waiting for the perfect moment to blow everyone away”.

The game will feature more exploration like Skyrim as well. It was earlier rumoured to be delayed to next-gen.

Here’s a screengrab of the tweet:

dragon age 3 e3 videos