Dragon Age 3 delayed to next-gen, scope of the game has been changed

EA may have delayed Dragon Age 3 to next-gen, according to a new find by Superannuation.

The resume of an EA Shanghai level designer states that the game has been delayed to 2014 since the scope of the game has been changed. Now by scope they probably mean they want to regain the brand back on track and think the current gen consoles won’t be able to offer a huge leap.

“Scope of the DAIII has been changed [sic], which will target next gen platform [sic] and will be postpone [sic] to 2014,” the resume reads.

Making it a next-generation game would give it enough exposure and push because Dragon Age 2 was known for being a rushed game and the quality was not as good as expected. Maybe they took those criticisms seriously and want to give it enough time in the oven.

Recently Bioware joked that they would delay the game if they felt they needed more time. So maybe they really did delay it. EA didn’t announce any platforms when it revealed the game and they usually mention at least the current gen consoles, so things are falling into place when it comes to this game.

This is still a rumour at this point so take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks, Kotaku.