Doom Open Beta and Post Launch Support Details

doom 2

People who want to have a slice of Doom will be able to do that soon when the open beta goes live from April 15-18. You will get access to two maps called Heatwave and Infernal and also have access to Team Deathmatch and Warpath modes. Open beta means you won’t need a code and will be able to download from the platform of your choice for free.

Of course there will be many more modes, maps and power-ups, which are detailed below, available for you for you in the final game which comes out on May 13th this year.

There will be three premium DLC packs released after the game’s launch and the first DLC pack which will be available this summer will feature three new maps, one new weapon, one new playable demon, one new armour set, one new piece of equipment, new hack modules and taunts.

Each DLC pack will set you back by $14.99 and the season pass costs $39.99 which will include all three DLC packs. Here’s the campaign trailer for your viewing pleasure.




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