Doom 2016 Review – The Shooter We Deserve

doom 5

Doom 4 was stuck in development hell for a long time and it didn’t look like we would see a modern version of the classic FPS that basically set the standard for shooters in the gamin industry. That changed after Bethesda took over and now we finally get to see what id Software were cooking for a long time. I’m happy to say they delivered big time.

I kinda miss playing old school FPS games where narrative is in the backseat and gameplay and level design reigns supreme. Wolfenstein: The New Order from Machine Games scratched that itch but Doom is the one that made me realise that no one makes such FPSes anymore.

The latest Doom game from id Software is just called Doom and you play as a space marine in Mars where things have gone incredibly wrong and it’s up to you to save the day. The concept is pretty simple. You find weapons, upgrade them, explore interesting locations, and kill monsters in all sorts of creative ways. The great thing about this is that id Software have completely gotten the basics right.

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The modern Doom is one of the best things since, well, Doom. This is an incredible first-person shooter. I was initially not excited for the game after the terrible beta but I’m shocked at how good the single player campaign is. The level design is quite complex and there are so many rooms and platforming sections in each level that makes it a joy to explore.

Doom is a pretty good looking game. I played it on my PC which has a GTX 980Ti video card. I was able to max out the game and set every setting on ultra and easily got more than 150+ fps. It’s quite a well optimised game. It’s also a technical showcase and that is sort of expected from id. The lighting, colours, and visual effects blend in together very well to provide a great deal of immersion.

The first thing I noticed is that the player movement speed is quite high. The game literally tells you not to stand in one place and keep moving and there’s a reason for that. The enemies are very aggressive and some of them can spawn directly behind you. You have to keep moving and use the entire level as your playground to be successful. This is something that we’ve not seen in many FPS games in the past decade.

doom 3

The weapons available to you are unreal especially the Gauss Cannon which looks intimidating. All the weapons are well designed and there are mods you can purchase and attach which will change the shape of each weapon. It’s very cool and makes the character seem like a badass. From shotguns to plasma rifles and crazy guns like BFG or the chainsaw, you can bring a world of hurt to the minions of hell.

And so can they if you are not careful. They key is to keep switching weapons and grab ammo packs scattered across the level. There are also power ups available like quad damage which can give you a crazy boost in power. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes from the fast Imp to Hell Knights and all kinds of nightmarish creatures. This is a fast paced game so you need to be quick on your toes and take them out fast.

If you do sufficient damage, enemies will glow allowing you to use a special melee attack. It gives you health and looks really cool. The angle at which you activate the melee decides what type of killing animation you get. The game can get really gory at times but that what makes it so good. There are collectibles, secrets and trials found across each level, along with upgrades for your suit and weapons. It’s basically modern game design fused with old school gameplay and it is bloody amazing.

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If you remember all the jump scares in Doom 3, you will be pleased to know that due to the fast paced nature you are less likely to get a scare while playing Doom. The soundtrack is awesome and quite metal. The music changes depending on the action and fits the game quite well. The weapon sounds lack a punch sadly but the feedback is great.

You can check out information about enemies, weapons, mods and other things in the options menu. It’s all well designed and isn’t complicated at all.

The game is around 10 hours long on the medium difficulty and could take around 15-18 hours on higher difficulties. There’s a lot of good content here and id have done a great job with the game. It’s one of the best single player FPS campaigns you can find nowadays.

doom 4

There’s also multiplayer but I haven’t played a lot of that. It can get chaotic and the netcode is pretty good. I didn’t encounter a lot of lag from what I played. I mean, it’s not really something that is exceptional like the campaign and it was also made by another developer. If you like fast paced multiplayer then it may have some staying power, but it looks unlikely.

Doom is a fantastic and a breath of fresh air in a sea of accessible cinematic games. It has one of the best FPS campaigns I’ve ever seen and the collectibles and secrets add to the replayability factor. If you are sick of developers ignoring campaigns for multiplayer, this is the game you should support. It’s worth the money.