Don Mattrick To Leave Microsoft for Zynga, Yusuf Mehdi As Replacement?

Current Microsoft Interactive Business head Don Mattrick will leave Microsoft to join Zynga as CEO, sources close to AllThingsd have said.

don mattrick featured

This would be a surprising move as recently it was being rumoured that Mattrick was said to receive a promotion after Steve Ballmer decided to restructure the company.

Zynga as a company is in a lot of trouble so this appointment is the best thing that happened to the company, since Mattrick is well known for turning around the Xbox 360’s sales in the US, and he was also responsible for the Kinect.

Yusuf Mehdi could take his role as the president of Microsoft IEB division, since he’s the one who’s one step below him. The Xbox One has been sort of a disaster so far with Microsoft unable to convince users of their policies and hence they had to backtrack recently.

Mattrick leaving the company has probably nothing to do with it and according to their sources he wanted to move back to the Bay area where his home is located.

Via AllThingsD.