DirectX 11.2 Details: Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, and more

Microsoft has announced DirectX 11.2 at a recent conference and also revealed that it will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

directx 11.2 featured

It’s pretty interesting that the Xbox One ships with the latest DirectX API but considering its scheduled to be released later this year, it’s not surprising since it’s Microsoft’s flagship product.

The conference contained a lot of information about it and the video below shows all that you need to know. There’s a new function called “tiled resources” which improves texture details by utilizing the system RAM well.

The API will allow developers to do some great thing on the PC and Xbox One, but considering Sony allows them to code to the metal, it’s not clear how much performance they will be able to extract from the Xbox One.

Check out the video below. Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and information.

  • GeForceFX

    Yea, transfer all those textures at the blistering DDR3 speeds. Have fun Microsoft.