Diablo 3: Blizzard fixes auction house problem, donates excess to charity

Diablo 3 auction houses were being exploited by a few players, and Blizzard has fixed those issues.

The exploit was due to patch 1.08 which allowed some players to use the bug in the coding to duplicate gold. Blizzard didn’t rollback the stats but managed to do a separate audit and remove 85% of excess gold from the marketplace.

They revealed that only 415 players used the exploit and the auction houses in the Americas needed to be suspended so that the issue could be fixed. Not a lot of players did this because billions of gold were needed to exploit the bug.

Blizzard’s John Hight said: “While this was happening, we locked accounts that appeared to be exploiting the bug as well as collaborators that held gold or items for the exploiters. Once we confirmed that an account was involved in this exploit, we either banned or rolled back the account depending on their activity.”

The rest of the proceeds will be donated to charity.