Devil May Cry V (Hideki Itsuno) Huge Info Blowout (Rumour)

It seems Devil May Cry 5 is real and under development. It was originally scheduled to be released during Sony’s PSX but the plan got postponed and will be revealed next year.

The game is aiming for an early 2019 launch. Devil May Cry V is Hideki Itsuno’s project and it is the direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, not the one made by Ninja Theory which was simply called Devil May Cry.

We have some massive information here (courtesy of Resetera forums). However, take it with a pinch of salt since it is unconfirmed.

The game will get a demo sometime before release. Pre-production for the game started in 2015 and the development has been progressing smoothly. It’s been more than 2 years now since the game was in development.

Sony is apparently funding the game but not fully. PlayStation console exclusivity is expected along with other exclusive DLCs.

The trailer is also ready according to the leak. The game is supposed to be ambitious and has the longest cutscene of any DMC game.

Hideki Itsuno’s team that worked on previous DMCs and Dragon’s Dogma is working on the game so expect some high quality.

While we will not mention story details here, we do have some gameplay details.

There’s a hard lock and the game will be 60fps on consoles. Open level design which is said to be similar to Bayonetta. However, the game does not have any QTEs.

There’s no stamina bar and no online multiplayer PvP. Dodging system is smoother and there’s a new dynamic camera system. The game has better animations and there’s also emphasis on cloth physics. There’s more environment interactivity and the game is somewhat inspired by Dragon’s Dogma.

Ninja Theory’s DMC game performed poorly in sales, let’s hope there’s more hype for this.

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