Destiny’s Xur cannot be datamined anymore, Bungie trolls with No Land Beyond

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Lately for the past few weeks, a bunch of people on Reddit were able to check Xur: The Agent of Nine’s wares and it was pretty accurate.

A small hotfix had gone live a few days ago which didn’t add any new features for the game and it was in this fix that Bungie added a bunch of admin tools to combat dataminers.

According to a miner, Bungie has implemented a lot of changes. He says that, “Instead of Xur having one single constant IP on one port, he now has multiple. If you join a tower instance and you’re the only one there, Xur will have 16 different IP address. If you join and its 8 other people, Xur will have 9 different ones. Only one of the possible IP’s you connect to will share the packet information you need. The others will include self-input data like controller movement, date & time, and other player constants.

“To combat this I used zone alarm on each IP separately until I isolated the one that sends the packets for weapons. This took considerably longer than I thought because each unique IP only sends packets for a 45 second window and then they stop for 100ms, and then restart. This made it hard to decipher the hex code and decide if there were any patterns.

Finally, once I managed to isolate the IP, find the pattern, and looped it. Every 22 packets started with the same 8b Hex. Bungie had literally broadcasted every thing as a No Land Beyond.”

We can still find out what the next Nightfall and Weekly might be by examining the recent major patch but any server side hacks are now impossible to do.

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  • Trim Dose

    So they took the time to fix this and trolll instead of fixing the messed up, fu#$CKED up buggy game ? specially the raids ? wow! shame on you Bungie shame on you.

    • Ezequiel Ramos

      It’s almost as if you didn’t read the patch notes of 1.1.2. At all.

  • Dennis Crosby

    People wouldn’t be data mining if Bungie would stop lying about the game being random