Destiny – Xur location and Items for Week Seven Revealed (10/24)

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Another week and Xur appears in the tower bringing exotic and legendary goodies for Playstation and Xbox players who’ve been too unlucky with the RNG in the game. Xur: Agent of the Nine appears between Friday – Sunday, giving you a whole two days to gather the required strange coins and motes of light to buy his items.

If you have multiple characters you can do the weekly strike on level 28 to get 18 strange coins and buy weapons and armour from him.

We have his location and items for week seven.

He is in the Vanguard room.

Crest of Alpha Lupi (hunter)
Voidfang vestments
Gauntlet engram

What did you purchase today from him? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • chris

    Is it worth getting the suros if I have atheons epilougue?

    • Justin

      Personally I think atheon’s is bad, not a fan of low impact weapons. Suros is essentially an auto rifle that acts like a scout rifle and is really nice; I maxed mine. I like the Vision of Confluence preferably for Oracles, if you can get a hold of one.