Destiny – Xur: Agent of Nine Week 6 Items and Location (10/17)

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Xur is an exotic and legendary item vendor who only appears between friday-saturday. Well, guess what? Xur has appeared in the tower for week 6 and here’s his location and items.

You need to have 17 or more strange coins to be able to purchase exotic weapons and armour from Xur. If you have 23 motes of light, you can purchase an exotic armor engram. Most people must have already reached level 30 and must be leveling their alts, so this is a great opportunity to have multiple characters at 30.

His location and items are as follows:

Xur is in the tower hanger near the ship seller. As soon as you go in the room look right.

  • The Armamentarium (titan armor)
  • Achylophage Symbiote (hunter armor)
  • Light Beyond Nemesis (warlock armor)
  • Truth (exotic rocket)

Destiny is out on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is the best selling IP of this generation.

  • orious

    So reviewers complain most players can’t do raid due to time requirements and 6 member static teams, Which I agree a lot haven’t done vog yet. But now you assume most players have hit 30…requiring vog gear fully upgraded…hmm conflict of assumptions?


    Sometimes I wonder if the authors of these articles have ever even played a video game…