Destiny – Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Items for Week 8 (10/3)

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Xur is a legendary and exotic item vendor who only appears between Friday to Sunday. This is the eight week where he has graced the tower with his goodies.

You need strange coins and motes of light to purchase his items and by doing the weekly strike and weekly nightfall strike with multiple characters, the strange coin requirement won’t really be a problem.

You have to play the game a lot to get motes of light and hope that by decrypting some engrams you can get one.

Last week he was in the Vanguard room and sold some pretty cool stuff like the Suros Regime.

Here is his location and items for week 8.

He is near the crucible vendor.

Lucky Raspberry
Voidfang Vestements
Patience and Time
Exotic helmet engram

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  • ozzy

    Absolutely amazed that bungie hasn’t put in a timer system so that you don’t get the same items two weeks in a row.

    • Saro

      This game gets more repetitive every week. I don’t see it making it past Xmas.