Destiny: Watch How Just 2 players beat the Vault of Glass in Style

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The Vault of Glass is the hardest raid in Destiny and it’s not easy to beat it unless you know what you’re doing. Two level 30 players have defeated it on normal in an excellent display of skill.

The raid wasn’t done on hard because it is just impossible for 2 players to attempt it but it can be done on normal as this video shows.

They took around 1 hour to clear it and you are most likely to be impressed by what you are going to see.

Level 30 does have its advantages though, you tend to take less damage and also deal out a lot more damage.

In the video’s description, they say: “But seriously, this took a lot of practice and teamwork, and let’s be honest, skill. and time. also money. $$$”

Check out the video below.

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