Destiny: TTK – How to Get the ‘Black Spindle’ Exotic

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There’s a secret area in the Lost to Light mission which can only be accessed by doing today’s daily in Destiny: The Taken King. Some people stumbled upon it and it has surprised many fans because not only is this secret mission really hard but it also awards upon successful completion an exotic Black Hamme-type sniper called the Black Spindle.

As you reach the half-way in the mission, you can either open the door and finish it or just run through the door that takes you to the Taniks strike.

From here you have 10 minutes to kill all the Taken and the boss as well and you will get your weapon. It’s extremely difficult because the light level required is 300 and there will be tons of adds.

a) Kill the balls first

b) Shoot adds

c) Shoot boss

That’s all you need to do and it will be helpful if you have a sniper rifle for the balls and boss.