Destiny: The Taken King – Oryx Has Been Soloed By One Guy

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The Oryx fight in Destiny: The Taken King requires a lot of teamwork and is quite difficult to beat for many teams. A single mistake can cause a wipe.

There are many strategies for the fight that requires two or three people jumping on the platforms, but you can actually avoid all those and do what this guy did and solo Oryx. That’s right Solo the entire fight.

It’s frankly amazing, and while many people have attempted it, this guy known as The Great Gatsby actually managed to do it.

The strategy is simple. Use a self-res Warlock and a Sleeper Simulant to stagger Oryx. You have to lure all the Ogres close to you so that you can detonate all the blights together.

It sounds easy but really difficult to do. This fight will be frustrating for many groups but when you see this video it’s hard not to praise this guy’s ability. Check it out below.

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