Destiny Third Sub Class, Super, and Hive Raid Details – Rumor

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New DLC for Destiny is expected to be released in December and we have a major rumor which gives some details on the new subclasses along with the new Hive raid which is supposed to be a lot more fun than what we encountered in the vault of glass.

There’s not much to do in Destiny after you hit level 30, and the upcoming DLC will give you a bunch of story content and a few more things to spend your time on.

The subclasses for all the three characters are posted below: (Thanks u/HumanCatnip)

Titan – Crusader

Super: “Purge” You shoot this giant horizontal column of light directly in front of you. Upgrades can thicken the cylinder (default is size of Guardian, upgrade is about 200% increase), have the column shoot through walls, or shoot a second column behind you as well.
1 Throws 3 small fire grenades at once. Think like a very small version of the Warlock Void special.
2 Drops grenade behind guardian. Designed for escape tactics when being chased.
3 Self planted grenade. Button activates grenade for 8 seconds. Any melee damage taken at that time sets grenade off, barely doesn’t kill a guardian by itself.

Warlock – Arc Thrower

Super: “Jupiter’s Storm” Creates an orb about the size of a Servitor slightly above and in front of you. The orb floats in the air and shoots lightning out at anything that come near it. Upgrades can increase range, can cause chain lightning, or cause the orb to spawn further away from the player character.
1 Arc Grenade that detonates on second button input.
2 Grenade the transfers health to the Warlock.
3 Fence Grenade – Creates small electrified fence. Sticks to walls like the Titan Lightning Grenade and lasts about half as long.

Hunter – Trapper

Super: “Void Well” Drops a Void well on the floor. Enemies inside the Void well cannot jump, and have reduced movement speed. Upgrades can reduce all enemy movement, prevent enemies from using abilities, or increase radius of Void Well.
1 Generic void damage grenade, doesn’t bounce. Sticks to any surface.
2 Bolas that act as a sticky, but do minimal damage while greatly reducing targets movement speed, and prevents them from jumping.
3 Caltrops. Throw them on the ground. Not super easy to see. A large amount of them on the ground, stepping on one detonates it for a small amount of damage. 1 “grenade” can kill a Guardian with a little left over.

Some new details were leaked on the new Hive raid as well. The person who posted the info describes it as “much more enjoyable than either boss fight in the Vault of Glass”.

“Lets just say there is this fun almost escape sequence where all the guardians will want to be on their sparrows, trying to outrun a giant Ogre. Some of the Wizards have different attacks instead of that bombardment you are currently seeing, makes them less of a pain.”

This sounds promising but we will wait for Bungie to release these details officially.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • timmo

    Fuck this game I’m trading it in for borderlands it was a waste of money and a whole week and half it took to beat this over hyped game

    • ExplodingJuice

      1. You do know that MMO’s don’t have endings right?
      2. If it took you that long to “beat the game” then you really suck.
      3. You win the internet award for the worst running sentence ever.

      • john

        Lol you say shit I almost have all items exotic and all class 30 soon 2 missing 1piece so yeah this game is over and was way to short (overhyped) like he said man if you dont believe me I can send you a video…

        • ExplodingJuice

          Oh I believe you. To be honest getting the Exotics, leveling up 3 classes and all of that isn’t hard. The only thing that is hard is getting to 30 and that is due to RNG when it comes to raid drops. Also the game is very far from over. Seeing as how the next raid is coming out in a month along with more content including missions, strikes, etc. The game creators also stated that they are aiming to support the game for 10 years. So with that being said, reply to this comment in 10 years stating that you finished the game and then I will agree with you.

          • DeadArashi

            its not that they are going to support it for 10 years. The contract is for 4-5 games in the Destiny franchise over the next 10 years

    • NinoBr0wn

      It took you a week and a half to finish the story mode? lol..

      • John Nemesh

        I still haven’t finished the “story”! (level 25 Warlock) Too busy doing all the other stuff (and I had a week down when I was moving and had no internet)

        • Ethan White

          I just beat it and im a 28 hunter. Just was busy with other content.


      I started a new class. I beat the story mode in a day and a half. That is with breaks.

      You suck.

    • Lennox

      hey… YOU SUCK!

  • Charismatus

    These classes are a huge letdown

    • DestinyisAwesome

      You piece of shit the warlock and titan class is awesomeeee. I bet you are a hunter. Sucks to be you

      • Ethan White

        Lvl 28 hunter here… i dig the trapping subclass. Guess some people
        have to always be assault and never support. Strategy is just as crucial
        as power. Some people don’t understand that. This game is freaking great that way!!

  • incendy

    Trapper sounds very strategic, can’t wait to unlock it. I hope it is real.

    • Icezkid98

      Trappers ability to halt any enemy abilities inside the well would be a good combo with the Titans ward of dawn

      • incendy

        I was thinking in the Raid, dropping a void where the enemies come out. And just having everyone concentrate fire there. By the time they are dead you should be powered up to do it again!

  • john

    WTF does this actually do?! ““Purge” You shoot this giant horizontal column of light directly in front of you. Upgrades can thicken the cylinder”

    • Cryptarch

      Basically … you release a splaser like shot from your Titan? i think :P

      • Combat

        Just imagine a Giant beam of light about the width of a football (if you are american, Soccer ball) shooting out in front of your chest about 4 to 10 feet killing all who enter it. With upgrades it could become the width of a car, or go through walls, and even a second one shoot out from behind you.

    • Fireforge70

      You basically cum and kill everything in front of you, I guess…

  • V80


  • blackbirdkr59

    The hunters subclass is bad. Titans r op nd warlocks r ok. Y cnt the hunters have the relic from the “vault of glass raid.” It’ll b fair. Titans can have a offensive class nd the warlocks cn have some type of defense class. Doesn’t tht seem right?

  • starscream1180

    the info as a whole sounds very fun … the subclasses arent anything crazy but are more diverse.

  • Corey

    Eh. Doubt these are true.

  • tony

    i hope these are fake they all look stupid

  • nerd

    Everything is wrong… no subclasses, no chase sequence. W.r.o.n.g…

  • Andrew

    Just for evereveryone who hasn’t noticed, every class will now have 1 defensive class,1 close range offense, and 1 long ranrange offensive supercharged, along with void arc and solar. WITH THAT BEING SAID the Titan class one seems odd and will be interesting, warlock seems cool, but hunters seem garbage. Give us a better defensive class please!