Destiny: The Taken King Warpriest Challenge Is Live, 320 Artifact Reward

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Bungie has just made some challenge modes live for Destiny. It’s for the Warpriest and beating him with the new modifier gets you a 320 artifact and a 320 weapon, along with a chance for an exotic item.

The catch is that the Warpriest fires a lot faster, wizards and hallowed knights spawn a lot faster.  The aura holders have to be different each time and you can’t break the glyph sequence. To be on the safe side try to kill him in 2 auras.

You also get an emblem for beating him. Bungie made the challenge mode live with the reset and it doesn’t seem to be that hard.

We assume Bungie will unlock more challenges next week as well.

So what are you waiting for? Hop in a fireteam and take Warpriest down for that sweet artifact.

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