Destiny: The Taken King – Sleeper Simulant Exotic Quest Has Been Found

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Sleeper Simulant is an exotic fusion rifle that no one has so far. It is a weapon that is only obtain by completing a quest chain in Destiny: The Taken King. How to trigger that quest chain was on everybody’s minds. We knew for a fact that it has to do something with Rasputin-an AI warmind–and there is a long series of quests you have to complete before you actually get the weapon.

We also knew that it was the gunsmith that gave the quest and it proved to be true when someone on Reddit received a legendary item which in-turn prompted the Gunsmith to give him a quest called ‘The First Firewall’.

The exotic quest is called Midnight Exigent and is most definitely results in The Sleeper Simulant weapon.

the first firewall sleeper simulant

So there you go, time to grind patrol enemies and hope for a drop that gets you this quest. If you haven’t gotten the expansion yet make sure to read our review which explains why it’s time to jump in to Destiny: The Taken King.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this. Stay tuned.

Update: Bungie had unlocked the first firewall quest and here’s the way to get the gun. The quest has disappeared and we do not know when it will be live again. They did say that they will be periodically making the quest live.

  • dan

    Thats photoshopped. Look at the distiction in the “a”. Kid that made it is a troll and you ran with it.

    • Gamechup

      It looked extremely legit though. The quest name and all.

      • dan

        I kno. I was one that hoped it was true. Have been legitimately scouring for weeks for this weapon. Its just sad that someone put that much effort into a lie.

  • Logan

    No it’s legit some data miners found this and it all links up even if this guy is trolling the trigger is related and the first step is called the first firewall

  • riqs

    could see how this was bs because i patrol a lot and i didnt get it yet

  • Rick Oliver

    Can we all collectively agree to not raid with this person or help him get it when we all do find out how to get it? Fuck trolls

  • Park

    Why doesn’t he show his gamertag or anything else?

  • John Torres

    I received a new mission called the first firewall not a quest line. Did receive a transponder u have to put a code in.

  • Esco2012

    Lol the comments tho….. How dumb do you all feel now?