Destiny: The Taken King – King’s Fall Oryx Hard Mode Guide

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King’s Fall hard mode raid went live a few hours ago and most teams have already beaten the raid. This is quite surprising since Vault of Glass and Crota’s End hard mode took quite a few hours to beat.

The whole raid has some new mechanics and most of them are pretty trivial. The enemies have increased health and the bosses have one or two new attacks.

For Oryx particularly, since the light requirement is 320, it is most likely that the adds will overwhelm you.

The fight for the most parts is the same but there are four knights that spawn along with the ogres and they go and diffuse the bombs which is required to massively damage Oryx.

Here are the few changes:

a) The ogres are majors now.

b) The knights spawn in the opposite direction to the Ogres.

c) The enemies are all level 42 and have a lot of health.

d) You cannot be revived if you die and it will most likely be a wipe if you do.

And that’s it. That’s basically everything you have to deal with in the hard mode Oryx fight.

oryx hard mode

A particular strategy is to do the Totems and Warpriest section with other characters so that you get loot for infusion fodder. If you are above 310 light it will help immensely for the Oryx fight. That should be your first priority.

The platform jumping order is still the same: 3 people jump anti-clockwise from where Oryx slams his fist.

a) The 4th person helps with the ogres and knights

b) The bubble guy has the Touch of Malice and keeps shooting clearing all the adds.

c) A weapons of light bubble in the middle is a must to kill the knights and DPS Oryx.

Oryx takes a lot to get staggered but at 310 and with a Touch of Malice you can do it easily. Also, you need to remember that there’s absolutely no need to detonate 4 bombs in each round, you can do three and try to kill Oryx in 5 or 6 cycles. The important part is not dying. That’s the key to clearing hard mode Oryx.

Did you clear King’s Fall hard mode raid? Let us know in the comments section below.

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