Destiny: The Crux of Crota finally dropped, First Necrochasm

necrochasm first crota

Necrochasm is a unique exotic auto rifle that is only available to you if you have the Crux of Crota (dropped by Crota in hard mode), and the Eidolon Ally which is randomly dropped by a sword carrier in the story missions or on normal patrols.

When the hard mode went live there were reports that absolutely no one got the Crux of Crota but it seems we have our first confirmation.

Player oSkyllao is probably the first one to get the drop and when we checked his Destiny profile he did have the weapon equipped. It is very difficult to fake that so that’s it folks, the drop rate for the Crux of Crota is extremely low and it also seems like the weapon has a higher attack value compared to the other exotics. Which means it is like the Vex Mythoclast which had a higher attack value compared to the vanilla guns.

You can check out player oSkyllao’s Destiny profile. It’s legit. We also have the first gameplay.

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  • Adam

    The piece of information I need to know is if he got the crux on his second run for his main. If he did then you can essentially farm the crux over and over instead of waiting for reset.

    • Drew

      He deleted his third character and created a new one to rerun Crota.