Destiny – Rise of Iron Trailer, Pre-order for ‘Iron Gjallarhorn’

destiny rise of iron

Destiny’s latest expansion pack will be called Rise of Iron and it stars Lord Saladin, the guy who used to host Iron Banner tournaments.

The trailer which we assume should be released today has leaked and there’s a decent version of it for your viewing pleasure. Like almost all Destiny trailers before it, this one is pretty terrific as well.

Yesterday, we wrote about the amazing content in Rise of Iron and what you will be able to do in it. This trailer gives a visual image for the text.

The Rise of Iron expansion will be released on September 20th for the PS4 and Xbox One. There’s no mention of the last-gen consoles which is a pretty good move by Bungie and Activision.

And oh, by pre-ordering it you can get an Iron Gjallarhorn as well. Not really a good move since it’s an iconic weapon but hey gotta milk it.

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