Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get to 365 Light Level for The Raid

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Destiny’s new raid is called Wrath of the Machinegod and it looks pretty cool based on the trailer. We recommend not watching it though and go into the raid blind because that gives the best experience. However, to do the new raid you need to be at a certain light level.

The raid comes out in a few hours and you have to be light level 360 to be able to survive the first few sections. The raid goes up to light level 385 so you will have to keep doing it every week to max it out.

The best way to do that fast is to do Heroic SIVA strikes which requires you to be light level 350. You can do it if you are light level 345 as well because of the arc burn you just need a good weapon like Zhalo Supercell.

That is the time consuming method, the best way to do it is to fire up the Omnigul strike at 320 and kill her and wipe when you first see her. You can use the Raze lighter sword R2 attack to do good damage.

She will drop up to light 365 blues so you can use that to get to raid level pretty fast. Here’s how you can get the Khovostov exotic rifle.

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