Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Outbreak Prime Quest From Raid

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Outbreak Prime is an exotic raid pulse rifle introduced in the Rise of Iron. It is just like Vex Mythoclast, Nechrochasm, and Touch of Malice where you have to get it from the raid. The Outbreak Prime has a few unique features where it unleashes SIVA swarm upon its enemies on headshots.

Obtaining the weapon is incredibly difficult compared to the previous raid weapons so we will explain step by step on how to go about it. First things first, you need to find two more characters with different classes who are willing to stick with you until completion of the quest.

Obtaining this weapon can be very satisfying because crits on yellow enemies can kill them really fast due to the swarm. It is pretty decent in PvP as well and not to mention looks very cool, sort of like the Sleeper Simulant.

Start the raid first and get to the first boss Vosik. After defeating him, you need to activate a monitor. There are 5 monitors in the raid and activating them all will give you the quest for the weapon.

Here’s the location for monitor 1.

Here’s the location of the second monitor which is right after Vosik near the exotic chest.

The third monitor is near the place where Zamboni the siege engine falls down:

Now to find the fourth monitor is a bit tricky. A lot of teamwork is required to do that. Remember the big room with a cube and lot of containers? Four guardians have to be in certain locations and the map for that is below. Two guardians go back to the server room and stand by the left and right monitor.


Once all guardians are at the required spot, a noise will be heard. The two monitors will then activate allowing the guardians near them to press square and get a number which has to be converted to decimals.

The guardian near the left monitor represents the column (numbers on the wall) and guardian near the right monitor represents rows (canisters).

After converting the left binary number, say, for example the decimal is 3 and for the right side the decimal is 2. The first guardian who is at counterclockwise from the entrance has to go to the third column and the third canister from the middle cube. The closest canister to the cube is 0 and closest one to the wall is 5.

The numbers will flash every 10 seconds and you have to do this 4 times and the middle cube will open revealing the fourth monitor. There’s also a chest inside that drops guaranteed exotic engram.

For the 5th monitor, everyone has to beat Aksis, and jump off the rails below on the platform right in front of him. There’s a monitor inside which leads you to the chest that gives you the SIVA engine.

Your quest for the Outbreak Prime now begins. Here’s how to get to light level 365 for the raid.

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