Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Exotic Khovostov Rifle

destiny rise of iron

Destiny fans were asking for this so Bungie said why not? Remember the gun you get when running away from the fallen while starting the game? The very first gun? Now you can have an exotic version of that in the Rise of Iron DLC and the method to get it is pretty straightforward.

If you already have the original gun, all you have to do is dismantle that to get a schematic. If you don’t have the original gun, you will have to go to the plaguelands patrol and then run all the way to the area where you were first revived by your ghost during the start of the game. There will be a big ketch which you can board. Kill all the enemies inside and grab the schematic in the chest.

Once you have the schematic, you will have to find weapon parts and some manual pages to get the weapon. Here are the full details of the DLC if you are on the fence.

Here are the locations of the three weapon parts:

Weapon part 1:

Weapon part 2:

Weapon part 3:

To get the manual pages, just kill Splicer Dregs and you will get them eventually. Head over to the temple now to get your exotic Khovstov. It is a pretty awesome rifle.

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