Destiny PS4 Exclusive Weapon and Strike Detailed

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The Crota’s End is the new raid which will be available in the first DLC for Destiny. Just like the base game the DLC will also contain PlayStation exclusive weapon and a strike.

The new boss of the strike is called the Undying Mind and looks a lot like Sekrion from the Nexus strike. Well, Bungie hasn’t exactly been original with Destiny since many bosses look like a souped up version of a normal enemy.

The PS exclusive weapon is a shotgun called the 4th Horseman. This looks pretty cool and could be a very useful weapon.

The images for both the content can be seen below.

ps crota's end shotgun ps crota's end


The new DLC will have tons of content:

  • New story missions that pit you against a Hive god.
  • New weapons, armor, and gear to further customize your Guardian.
  • The ability to increase your Light level to 32, and five additional bounty slots.
  • Three new competitive multiplayer maps: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron.
  • New cooperative Strike: The Will of Crota. Purge a twisted horror from the Cosmodrome.
  • An additional resident of the Tower: Eris, a resolute survivor of an ill-fated mission.
  • And a new six-player Raid: Crota’s End. Face him in the deepest dark.

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