Destiny – Prison of Elders Detailed, Here’s What to Expect

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Prison of Elders is a new PvE mode in Destiny that pits three players against waves and waves of difficult enemies. There’s going to be exclusive weapons, enemies and a ton of other stuff.

There will be four randomly selected arenas and races and the final fifth wave will have a boss at the end.

  • Three-Player Matchmaking at Level 28 Difficulty
  • High Difficulty Weekly Challenges for pre-formed Fireteams
  • Four, three round waves against randomly selected enemy races and gameplay modifications
  • A final, fifth round where players must face a randomly selected boss

There’s a level 28 version of Prison of Elders which has in-game matchmaking. The level 32, 34 and 35 version requires you to bring your own fireteam into battle.

There are also new gameplay modifiers that drastically changes the gameplay. Modifiers like Small Arms, Exposure, Grounded, Brawler, Catapult, Trickle, Specialist and Airborne will surely test your skills.

Here’s a video showing one of the bosses in action.

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