Destiny pre-order bonuses inaccessible to many on PS4

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Destiny pre-order bonuses like ghost skins and Vanguard Armory are inaccessible to many people. There seems to be an issue on PS4 where the Vanguard Armoury cannot be downloaded properly.

However there is a temporary fix for this issue. Here’s what worked for a few Reddit members.

  1. Go to Settings -> PSN -> Restore Licenses and then the pre order bonuses should be available when you relaunch the game.
  2. Turned off the PS4 and turned it back on first, restored licenses again and under Destiny, in “Related Items” the DLC finally showed up. Credit: seooo13
  3. Turn your ps4 all the way off (not stand by), turn in back on do not start destiny up, renew licenses, turn it all the way off and on again. This is the only way it worked for me. Credit: T1cklish
  4. Log into the web store and download the expansion pack then download the vanguard armory. Then it was there after restoring licenses. Credit: mastamind229

Since this issue is starting to become widespread on Bungie forums, we may get an official fix from Bungie.

  • StyxMan

    Am i the only one who just don’t have access to the game? It says i haven’t the license and i have to pay again, even after restoring licenses the game is installed but not in my library..

  • Seefchops

    Any others who pre-ordered having the issue of not getting the Red Sparrow? My brother got it fine when he pre-ordered from a retail store, but didn’t work for me when I got the digital download.

    • SlyCooperFan1

      Red Sparrow was GameStop only.

  • Ahmed Djent

    did the steps above and fixed the problem, downloaded all 3 add-on’s :D

  • Robert koah

    How do you get the armor I can not find it any where

  • James

    Method 2 worked for me

  • cavemanmick

    Have tried all the above fixes and still can’t access the dlc.Very frustrating.
    Nevermind just seen the dlc is not available till december

    • StrongIsland

      Lmfao it’s available now buddy.

  • Ste7en

    None of these worked for me. Maybe because I played until level 3 before realizing I needed to install an add-on to get access to the content? Has anyone else downloaded the add-on after playing and seen the content come in to Postmaster of an existing character?