Destiny multiplayer can be skipped but you’ll have “way less fun” – Bungie

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Bungie has revealed in their latest Mailsack Blog that, skipping Destiny multiplayer is not recommended but is an option. They want to give options to players to do whatever they wish but skipping multiplayer is less fun and the player will miss out on a lot of content.

“As for playing solo, this question still comes to us a lot, and we’re happy to answer it again. The company you keep, the challenges you tackle, the war you wage will all be products of the choices you make,” they said.

“If you never want to have a cooperative or competitive experience in Destiny, and if you want to experience every cinematic in private, you’ll have the option. We believe you’ll be having way less fun, and we think you may find it really difficult to resist the pull of our cooperative vortex, but when we say we’re building activities for every mood, that includes players who don’t want to party up.”

Destiny is shaping up to be a fantastic game and a live demo was shown at Sony’s conference this year. There’s no release date yet but it’s expected to be released next year.

Earlier they explained the differences between Destiny and Halo, and their explanation was quite straightforward.

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