Destiny Guide: How To Farm Upgrade Materials Fast

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You need certain materials like Spinmetal, Helium Fragments, Spiritbloom and Relic Iron to upgrade your weapons and armour and it may be a major pain to get them all in a short time. We have a guide for you that tells you how to get them fast so that you can reach level 28 with little difficult and farm raid gear from raids such as Vault of Glass.


You require spinmetal to upgrade some lower level gear and you can find them in chests and you can find the farming route in the video below.

If you are level 20 this will be very easier. If you have a group of three friends then this run becomes easier.


Helium fragments are required to upgrade legendary armor. You can find the farming method for them below.


Spiritboom is also required for legendary gear and you can find it on planet Venus. You can find the farming method below.


This is required to upgrade your legendaries and exotics. You will find this on planet Mars. This method will net you 25 relic per run. You can find the farming method below.

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