Destiny Leak Shows Reef Social Space and a Bunch of Other Things

reef social space destiny

Megamanexe from Reddit is at it again. He has discovered a bunch of new things from the recent Destiny 1.11 patch and it’s something that will excite fans.

He has revealed that there’s gonna be a new Reef social space kinda like the tower where you can meet people, form party and do missions together. It’s basically a place to chill out. The tower will still be something special though.

He has also revealed a new House of Wolves strike and a new Crucible mode. There’s also a Queen’s mission.

queen misson destiny

So as you can see there are some new content to the game they look quite good. Destiny’s new expansion pack does not have a release date yet but it is scheduled to release in Q2 which could be May or June.

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