Destiny Iron Banner Event is Back, But It’s Still The Same

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Bungie had promised Destiny players that Iron Banner mode which allows players to use the full potential of their gear would be back and it would also be fixed because the last time the mode went online, it had a ton of problems like gear level not being of any use to the player, and people quitting the game when they sensed that they would lose etc.

The new changes seemed great and it was also promised that light level 30 gear would be given to players as an alternative to raid gear. However, none of these changes have gone live and the event seems to be same as before.

Whether it accidentally went live or maybe Bungie is still testing the changes is yet to be known. For now, even the levels are reset back to zero.

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  • bub

    aaaand its gone

    • joshua neel

      Lol yeah your a joke bungie get your shit together!

  • saelstrom

    Seemed like they were just testing it out. Kind of a bad test drive bungie. Not fair to players. Not that you really have been at all with any thing in this game. Setting the expectations much lower…

  • Biblical Greek Beard

    I stopped playing Destiny because I don’t plan on getting Dlc and I just bought the sunset overdrive console because that game is biblical

    • Goldsmithlpb

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      • Biblical Greek Beard

        I no I don’t have a PayPal account. I just do everything with cash. I don’t trust the bank

  • Punkindrublic1

    Not that big of a fan of Control so no biggie to me.